Perinatal Origins of Disparities Research at UC Davis


The Perinatal Origins of Disparities (POD) Center is an interdisciplinary research center designed to address the critical scientific gap in understanding multiple influences on health trajectories and disparities. 

The goal of the Center is to identify biomarkers of health trajectories beginning prenatally while simultaneously considering biological, social, behavioral, and community level data to develop, validate, and disseminate preventive interventions for health disparities. The POD Center leverages expertise from genome sciences, epigenetics, human development, epidemiology, toxicology, engineering, social welfare policy, and economics. This approach enhances our capacity to use biological data to personalize interventions and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of our approaches to promote health system integration and health policy change.

POD Center activities focus on three core research threads: Biobehavioral Research, Epidemiological Research, and Implementation Research on clinical and community-based interventions.

POD research threads illustration