Cheryl Walker, M.D.

Cheryl Walker

Position Title
Research Obstetrician

Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine


Role: Reproductive immunology and epidemiology; translational research with non-human primates.

Dr. Walker will apply her expertise to study preconception and gestational risks for lifelong health disparities. Her research focuses on developmental programming, at the clinical and molecular levels, and its impact on health outcomes, both in humans and in the nonhuman primate model. She is an Affiliate Scientist at the California National Primate Research Center and currently serves as PI of an R01 investigating placental mechanisms that underlie the influence of maternal obesity on adverse neurodevelopment. She also serves as PI of an R21 investigating maternal clinical and molecular metabolic mechanisms that may mediate the influence of gestational phthalate exposure on child neurodevelopment. Dr. Walker’s skills in translational models of prenatal health and fetal programming, as well as her ongoing studies, will be leveraged to investigate molecular predictors of health outcomes.