POD Center Pilot Project Program - Awards Announced!

The POD Center Pilot Project Program (PPP) was established with support from the Office of Research to advance research that contributes to preventing health disparities early in life. Through this program the POD Center provides financial support for new or ongoing projects that aim to understand the multifactorial perinatal influences on health trajectories and disparities across the lifespan and/or to reduce the perinatal origins of disparities through innovative interventions. 

The PPP awards are intended to position researchers for future funding, capacity building, and growth in research areas related to perinatal health disparities. Recipients of a PPP grant receive $5,000 to $15,000 for their proposed activities. This year's funded projects include:


Read the project abstracts here: POD Center 2023 PPP Funded Projects.pdf

Congratulations to all PPP award recipients!